USB Loader GX and WiiFlow 4.3U 100% Working (TUTORIAL! Download on description)

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YES!!!!!!!!!! THE HOMEBREW CHANNEL IS OBVIOSLY REQUIRED FOR THIS!!! WHY PEOPLE JUST KEEP ASKING THAT!??? The title says it all. And showing with what version of WAD Manager I installed the channels. Here: OH! I almost forget… this information comes from: It is in spanish, but I translated for you. I skip 1 or 2 steps to install the USB Loader GX becuase this is for NeoGamma. PD: This discussion is closed. WBFS Manager 3.0:
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25 Responses to “USB Loader GX and WiiFlow 4.3U 100% Working (TUTORIAL! Download on description)”
  1. EmeraldTheHedgehog01 says:

    @sso7199 Yes you do

  2. perosiphone says:


  3. gilmaster63 says:

    @stefkedude *facepalm*

  4. gilmaster63 says:

    @stefkedude No way, it’s tuesday.

  5. stefkedude says:

    its friday !friday gotta get down on friday !

  6. r4b33Z says:

    @sonypsp05 SAME! 😐 any ideas anyone? this si really bugging me!

  7. sso7199 says:

    do you need homebrew channel for this? 😀

  8. AlbinooBlackSheep says:

    @XiShrimpeRiX It needs to be FAT

  9. XiShrimpeRiX says:

    Usb loader gx doesnt work with the format of my hardrive (NTFS) so ill try Wiiflow and see how that goes….Hopefully it works i really want to play xenoblade chronicles

  10. sonypsp05 says:

    usb loader doesn’t work on my system. i have it fully hacked.

  11. ThePlayaHataz1 says:

    im confuzed wahts the wbfs thing, do i need a speacial type of usb for it to laod, and waht is the wii flow channel is it requiered to run wii games

  12. KnightURL says:

    how do you open it?

  13. oscardelahoya522 says:

    when my wii loader gx loads up all i get is a white screen ? !!! Help !!!

  14. mcmmaster says:

    Any change you can help, after installing wiiflow and usb loader to the wii menu, i open them, and then they load, but they close after the title comes up

  15. ElixirPotion says:

    comment approval test

  16. RetroVhsLdBmVideo says:

    a friend moded my wii and put USB loader GX on it, when i press start it goes to a black screen and resets my wii, however home-brew channel works plz help

  17. superkm101 says:

    @MrFunjoWorld Hey, you can “Scrub” your game.
    I made Bully SCholar ship addition into 3 GB.
    Scrubbing makes an iso smaller, and doesnt take anything about the game off, It just gets rid of unnsesasery files. Just google WiiScrubber140 and click the gameboyemulatorcom link or sumthing like that. then load your iso, click trim, and there you go. If it worked, sub. any probs, message me.

  18. sangkaka05 says:


    Hi Extracted the USB loader to USB FLASH drive and my wii do not see the homebrew channel. please help

  19. gilmaster63 says:

    @Supernotable117 oh, ok, it’s a USB HDD.

  20. Supernotable117 says:

    @gilmaster63 THAT Isnt a Usb THAT is a Drive!!!

  21. gilmaster63 says:

    @MrFunjoWorld games have the same size. The USB is 500GB size.

  22. MrFunjoWorld says:

    how can u make the games in such a smaller size?!?!

  23. TheMrSuperrohan says:

    dont u make a file for it? if u do then what do u name it?

  24. dilmac9 says:

    Finally…. Thank you so much!!!

  25. AllFreakMix says:

    i don understand this pls help !!!

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