Skeeter Pee – How to make Lemon Wine

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This is how I made Skeeter Pee. Skeeter Pee is a lemon wine that is fermented with a “Slurry” from the first rackings of a batch of wine. I don’t make wine so I’m going to show you how I’ve made my Skeeter Pee by making a small starter. For the whole recipe please visit Also check out the creator of this drink on youtube.
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25 Responses to “Skeeter Pee – How to make Lemon Wine”
  1. halbibabe says:

    Thanks for the response, I really like your videos.

  2. weirdbeer says:

    @halbibabe Well if it has no preservatives then I don’t think you would need to let it sit. Buckets are fine. Good luck!

  3. halbibabe says:

    Hey FO, I’m going to try this skitter pee. I’m going to use lemon juice that I got from This juice has no preservatives, or the lemon oil. You can get this juice at some Costcos also. Do I need to let it sit for 48 hours since there are no preservatives in the juice? Also all I have is bucket firmenters, is this ok?

  4. evantjacksonify says:

    @weirdbeer Preciate it, also I noticed you don’t rack the SP at all am I missing a step, I’m assuming there is not too much in the region of lees, I take it you’ve never had any off tastes using just one fermenter?

  5. weirdbeer says:

    @evantjacksonify nope. Thats the original recipe. The point is because there is no nutrients at all in the lemon juice, and its so acidic the yeast would get stresses out. The late addition of nutrients prevents the drink from stressing out the yeast and developing a sulphur smell taste. Yuck!

  6. evantjacksonify says:

    Did you modify when you added the rest of the yeast nutrient and energizer because your OG was high, or did you just keep following the directions? Thanks for the great video.

  7. weirdbeer says:

    @flyingman1981 It will be a hit. Trust me. To bad winter is coming.

  8. weirdbeer says:

    @conduct623 Do it!

  9. weirdbeer says:

    @angryabbeybrew It would be good to hear how your Pee differs when using a slurry vs a starter. Let us know.

  10. weirdbeer says:

    @yartp Nope. I used teaspoons. At least my teaspoons. I have bigger spoons I use as Tablespoons so that was the smaller one.

  11. weirdbeer says:

    @OscarSnerd Good info. Thanks.

  12. weirdbeer says:

    @mbcyclery You got it!

  13. mbcyclery says:

    9.7% projected abv… hmm.

  14. OscarSnerd says:

    Great video. I’ll done many batches following a variety of methods, except for using slurry–I always generate a new starter with fresh yeast, mostly because I usually don’t have a slurry available when I need it.

    One word of caution: Pouring the hot syrup in a Better Bottle may be OK, but it’s a bad idea for those using glass carboys. The sudden heat can cause glass to break. If you’re using glass, let the syrup cool until it’s cool enough to rest your bare hands on the pot.

  15. yartp says:

    I’ve seen the stuff mentioned on the forums but never researched it. Does sound interesting and was a good video. I did notice when you added the tannin and nutrient, you listed it in teaspoons. It looked like you were actually using tablespoons.

  16. conduct623 says:

    Great job Fo, will defenitly try this, Cheers.

  17. flyingman1981 says:

    Verry cool FO I will defenetly try it !!

  18. weirdbeer says:

    @n2prs Due to how much sugar is in this recipe you could make bottle bombs. Be careful before you try something like that please. PLASTIC ONLY! In fact. Don’t do it at all. I’m 99% sure you will get bottle bombs.

  19. weirdbeer says:

    @yaap10 Another good idea. Thanks. I just hate splenda in my coffee. So I’m not sure how it would turn out in this. Have you tried it?

  20. n2prs says:

    i would not worry about it being clear and carbonate it.

  21. yaap10 says:

    Nice vid fo when adding the sugar to sweeten if your worried about kickstarting fermentation you could use splenda a non fermentable sugar I often use this in some wines about 2-3 tea spoons per bottle

  22. weirdbeer says:

    @CraigTube Hey Craig. The batch costs $15 – $20. I got the yeast Energizer, Nutrient, and Stabalizer, at complete home brewing. Cheers!

  23. HokieHomeBrew says:

    @weirdbeer Hahah I bet. I was very impressed. I am far too lazy to do all that editing, but it sure would be nice. Great vid.

  24. tommonger says:

    @weirdbeer For my strawberry, I used slurry from my strawberry wine… and… added a couple cans of strawberry daiquiri mix! For my raspberry batch, I used raspberry slurry and added seedless REAL raspberry preserves. And for peach, I used peach slurry and will be adding reduced peach/white grape juice.

  25. CraigTube says:

    Looks very cool Fo. Nice vid. How much did it cost to make this?

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